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Firey times as a Royal Mile Hogmanay bash isn't quite a blaze of glory, and something's burning at Ian Rankin's

Hogmanay revellers were forced to flee from the Royal Mile when high winds blew red-hot sparks from a display into the crowds.

What a disappointment the so called spectacular was on the High Street – a few burning flowerpots and some old council braziers on fire! The shows in previous years on George Street and last year in the Grassmarket were far superior and let's hope that the genius who booked Carabosse is given something to do which is more suited to their abilities. And who would have guessed it would be windy in Edinburgh in December? People must have been rushing home to note the event in their diaries.

Bino, Edinburgh

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We came across the event walking home and thought it was an amazing surprise. Didn't even know anything had been put out so it must have happened further down the High Street. Hopefully the weather will be better tomorrow cause we're going back for another look. Happy New Year.

Flabby Road, Leith

Was up on the Mile at noon yesterday and the wind was starting then and had picked up throughout the day. It certainly had not died down by late evening. So basically it was always going to be a shambles but if you play with fire . . .


For how long is Edinburgh Council going to keep giving the Hogmanay contract to Unique Events – every year there seems to be some problem which they blame on the weather. Surely they have to take this into consideration when putting their proposals to the council, let alone on the day! If tonight's events are affected by the snow, then Edinburgh will surely become the laughing stock of the world!

aleex, Edinburgh

Health chiefs are worried by the ERI's ambulance turnaround times, which are the slowest in Scotland at 26 minutes per patient.

Well, there's a surprise. This was predicted by many, being as the site is out in the sticks, but the old Labour admin at the council had money in mind, and the old infirmary site was worth a pile. Once again, the desire for cash took precedence over Edinburgh's citizens.


It doesn't surprise me. Having been taken to the ERI by ambulance this year, it took a good 15 minutes, despite being an emergency.

Lil Miss

I think I'd rather have an ambulance crew that took time to hand me over to hospital staff rather than a crew that simply dumped me on a trolley to go to attend the next patient. But yes, the bulk of the problem is treating non-emergency cases there – but for the people living in East/Mid Lothian and the east/south of Edinburgh, a trip to the Western (taking your hiking boots and a compass with you) is just not on. Bad enough that there isn't even a minor injuries clinic until you get to Melrose/Borders General.


Author Ian Rankin has a new mystery on his hands after his wheelie bins were set on fire outside his Merchiston home. A case for Rebus . . .

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It was a new way for the council to get rid of the rubbish without using binmen and vehicles

daveserviceman, edinburgh