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It's too cold for waste disposal, utility firms are out working but getting fined, and anyone for used hotel furniture?

THE theory that the longer you do something the better you become at it seems not to apply to politicians.

All the private contractors are on the road and have been for days. This latest walk-out will only further galvanise public opinion against them. GET TO WORK

Thinner Bob

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What a shower of morons. As if their jobs weren't in jeopardy enough. Health and safety issues? Stubborn stuck in the 70s issues more like.

tumshie heid

Wimps, lazy or making a political point? Whichever it is they should be ashamed of themselves. They are opening the way for dismissal or privatisation of the job. I know that there are many out there who would like to have the work.

Southsider once upon a time

Please don't tar all the bin men with the same brush. My dad has been out the last couple of days, he's had a bad fall on the ice but still continues on. The supplies the council have given them are ridiculous, they are freezing and cannot move some of the bins.

Hibee 101

I have supported the bin men in their dispute but Good Grief they must have a death wish! It is just a damn disgrace that the capital city of Scotland is covered with filthy bin bags and wheelie bins filled to the brim and over it.

Xena – Warrior Princess

Given the state of roads and pavements I have every sympathy with the bin men. Can you just imagine one of these big lorries sliding down your street out of control. There is no way I would wish lorries of that size entering streets that have not been cleared of snow and ice.


Ultimately, most onliners had no truck with the binmen. Elsewhere, utility firms have been hit with over 500 120 fines in eight months for delays to work on city roads.

120 fines are a joke – 25 or 50K would be nearer the mark. Let's not forget Edinburgh's roads are in a dreadful state – mostly through constantly being dug up and scant attention being paid to repairing the mess afterwards.

It's Leith for me!

"The council spends around 300,000 a year monitoring works by utility firms" and 500 fines times 120 a pop > 60,000.00. Hardly cost effective is it! The fines should at least cover the costs of the inspections which should be approx 600 a pop.

Hector the Red

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Looks like there won't be any bids from onliners for a sale of Sheraton Grand Hotel furniture, as used by celebs passing through.

Definitely getting old! Never heard of the Black-eyed Peas, Christian Slater or Vin Diesel. However, at the end of the day all that's on offer is some second-hand furniture with absolutely no proof of usage by anybody. I once lived in a road where the Beckhams came to inspect a house. Should I have dug a chunk of the road up and offered it for sale because of who once drove over it?

The Ayrshire Bard

So what if those people sat or used them, it's only furniture.

The Real Alfonsa Pedrosa

I wonder if tools used by American novelty rappers will be included in the auction. If so, will MC Hammer's hammer go under the hammer?

digestive biscuits V

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