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Fascist marches, a tourism slump and the beginning of the big thaw. It's just another quiet day in the online world . . .

The Edinburgh Anti-Fascist Alliance wants a planned march by the right-wing Scottish Defence League axed over violence fears.

If the anti-fascists are 'concerned' about violence, they should stop complaining and stay away.


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I believe that the majority of Muslims in the country are just wanting to get on with their life, but they are going to be dragged into racial confrontation by those who want to demonstrate in Wootton Bassett. They are the Muslims who are giving some credence to this bunch of thugs.

The Ayrshire Bard

The anti-fascist alliance need to brush up on the principle of freedom of speech. By demanding another group is silenced because of their message, they're acting like fascists. Ironic, isn't it?


What the EAFA should be doing is organising a counter protest which will attract far greater numbers than the so-called SDL, and thereby demonstrating that more folk oppose the SDL than support it.

Duncan in Edinburgh

I have no views on either organisation but what possible grounds would the police have for banning the SDL? They allow Orange marches.


By all means counter-demonstrate and let them know their views are unwelcome in Edinburgh, but denying them the right to march is simply the first goosestep to fascism. What works extremely well, if it can be organised, is to get a large crowd which will watch the SDL parade past in complete silence, and turn their backs to them. It makes the point in a telegenic way, without trampling on anyone's rights.

A Friend of Fernando Poo

Lots of apologists for neo-nazism here. Very disappointing. No-one has learned anything about history.

Columba doing the Rumba

On the bright side, at least it would boost tourism numbers, as targets in the Capital are not being met.

But no doubt we'll press ahead with building an infinite number of hotels in the city.


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I don't know where Cllr Buchanan picked up such a stupid sounding "trendy buzz word" phrase as "dead cat bounce" from, but I wish he and other politicians simply used plain language. Don't they realise how dopey it sounds to normal folk?


The best way to finance the city would be to charge councillors a micropayment of 50p every time they use the word "sustainable". The 92 million would be collected in about 4 days.

emperor tomato ketchup

Great idea. Finally, milder weather has started the big thaw in the Lothians.

A few weeks of minor difficulty for most but we are all still here and life goes on. What will Edinburgh's moaning minnies tag onto next? Roll on a tram story.


OK, so no snow for three days and forecasts of milder weather. Where are the gritters? Roads and pavements are still a disgrace, so get them doing what they are paid for and clear the snow!


Wonderful, this will make the binmen's job more safer, when they work.

The Real Alfonsa Pedrosa