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Praise for the council on pub openings but normal service is resumed on the issues of parking and the trams tax

Pub bosses are angry after their application to open at 8am on Sundays was rejected by the council.

Wanting the pubs open at 8am on a Sunday !!!!. Is it any wonder we have such a dreadful alcohol problem in the country? Thank goodness this application has been turned down. I don't think we need to hear from the bleating pub owners here. If you can't make a more than decent living from the drinks trade in Scotland, then your in the wrong business.

Number 6, Germany

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"Cllr Thomas said that any applications for extensions to Sunday opening would only be considered in "exceptional circumstances". I reckon that'd be "When the English are up for the Fringe".

A Friend of Fernando Poo

Anyone that needs a drink at 8am has a problem

Ian Ross

8am on a Sunday? Geez a break! Is there no end to the degrading story of Scottish boozing? When will we grow up and stop behaving like kids on a drunken spree? This proves the pubs don't care about people's health - just their profits.


Have you considered shift workers? Just because 8am seems an unacceptable time for a drink to you doesn't mean it is to others.

tumshie heid

Parking wardens are set to patrol new buffer zones on the edges of controlled parking zones.

Why not give the residents the permits for free? This is just another stealth tax on the residents and the commuting motorist will move to somewhere else that is free.

Dorian, Edinburgh

This further expansion is an admission of failure of the previous expansions and is just moving the problem. Even the disastrous tram project road closures hasn't affected traffic.

Klaus Dubois, Ed.

See another article - the Council hasn't brought in enough from the "Tram Tax", and is now looking for Plan B. Tada! -> Plan B.


Ah, trams. More woes as the council's trams tax on developers falls well short of original estimates.

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Well, knock me over with an old tram ticket - just who could have seen this one coming?? Certainly not Jenny Dawg, Kardownski and their supporting cast of municipal idiots, that's for sure. All Dawg cares about is an 'Iconic Photo Op'

Thomas the Tank, Edinburgh

Remember that the other part of the council's contribution was to come from selling off civic assets and land. Almost none of which has happened, or can happen given the collapse in land values.

GraemeH, Edinburgh

Does Cllr Cardownie think we're all stupid? Cllr Cardownie said tram bosses needed a "plan B", but said he would fight "tooth and nail" to make sure the money did not come from council budgets such as schools and roads. Where's the money coming from Steve?