Younger voters have most to lose

AS A 67-year-old, I was disappointed to see the photograph on page one of last week’s Scotland on Sunday which depicted a group of young Scots encouraging other young Scots to vote for independence.

For the older generation, in the event of independence taking place, we will only have two decades, if we are lucky, to suffer the consequences of an independent Scotland. I don’t need to go through the shortcomings, these are well documented elsewhere.

The misguided young Scots on your front page should understand that the only people who will gain any benefit of Scotland becoming independent from the UK will be the political class.

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The political class has a short memory. If any group of the population will give them the support for independence, as soon as the froth of the celebrations is over, this political elite will turn its back on those who gave it support through misguided enthusiasm for a cause which has no benefit to the average person on the street.

It will be these young people on your front page who will see the backs of the politicians the longest, ie for many ­decades, as opposed to us ­“olduns”. It will be the young people of Scotland who suffer the longest. Think for your long-term future prosperity and vote to remain as part of the United Kingdom

Peter McGregor, Dunblane