Yes vote will drive itinerant Scots out

RE THE letter by Robert ­Masson, Westhill (24 August), in which he writes: “The basic test any successful nation must pass is that it attracts and retains the people who want to live there.”

One of the attractions of living in Scotland and being a part of the United Kingdom is that it gives the best of both worlds, providing the freedom for the young to spread their wings. Scots have always been a nation of travellers, it is in our blood, and it is the same the world over. How parochial the world would become if we all stayed put in our own back yard.

An independent Scotland will not encourage many Scots to remain living and working within Scotland, quite the reverse; it is highly likely to drive people out of Scotland to leave for good and not return.

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It is for Mr Salmond and the Yes campaign to cast out any doubts that voting Yes is best. Currently being part of the United Kingdom we have one of the strongest currencies and a stable democracy that is globally respected, and two years of uncertainty has led to increased doubts.

Sadly, Mr Salmond’s Plan B has left us in limbo. Using the pound in an independent Scotland is a transient measure – and hopes and dreams are just as transient.

Mary Latimer, Dundee