Yes not positive

Pat Kane’s article (Perspective, 11 December) provides an interesting insight on the increasingly cult-like views of some members of the Yes movement.

Apparently, No enjoyed a “small majority” in the referendum (although I’m pretty sure that a 10 per cent Yes majority would have been described by Pat as “thumping”).

But that wasn’t the highlight of the article. I was particularly ­entertained by the assertion that the Yes movement is a great ­example of “positive, inclusive, modern pluralism”. Would that be the inclusive pluralism that saw JK Rowling abused for donating to Better Together?

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Perhaps it was the type of ­inclusive pluralism that sees ­journalists being harassed at press conferences for daring to ask pertinent questions? Maybe it is the type of inclusive pluralism where any political party that is not left of centre is routinely ­demonised, despite 15-20 per cent of Scotland’s electorate regularly voting for such parties?

Or perhaps it is the type of inclusive pluralism that ­results in people who don’t want ­independence being labelled as traitors?

Robert Miller

Bracken Avenue


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