Wrong track

Clearly most of your correspondents (Letters, 16 July) are on the wrong track with regard to the fox-hunting 

As we know, everything in Scotland is superior to anything elsewhere on the planet. So when the jealous Westminster Tory toffs discovered that their counterparts in Scotland were able to give the foxes a much harder time the solution was obvious – “We’ll have the same law as Jockland,” they brayed.

As one, the stand-up-for-Scotland brigade leapt to its feet. “Naw ye’ll no,” they chorused from this week’s song sheet.

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“We’re better at killing foxes than youse and ye ken the fox enjoys it.”

A sage pointed out that the Dear Leader had said not once but twice that they would not interfere in English laws.

There was much hee hawing at this. “That was then, this is noo,” he was told.

“Anyway, the Leader has set up a photo op with a friendly fox, an English one obviously. Most of ours are deid, and then an interview with Basil Brush.”

“But he’s a puppet.”


Ian Lewis