Wrong focus

It is very helpful indeed that Nicola Sturgeon is giving us the benefit of her party’s views on important matters before the general election.

She wishes to portray the SNP as a potential party of UK government in alliance with Labour, even though Ed Balls has stated unequivocally that they will not do any deal with them.

However, when we are facing an off-on war in Ukraine and bloodthirsty terrorists barely 300 miles from Italy’s nearest island, Ms Sturgeon is happily talking about allying her party with the likes of the Greens.

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The Greens, in common with the SNP, are a CND-inspired party. If they were to be allowed to dictate defence policy in a future administration, we would only start setting up an army, navy and air force when the possibility of war was looming.

No nukes, of course. Their policy states that “realignment of the UK military and defence preparations would be possible long before any invasion occurred”. Apparently, this is actually serious!

Now, when head teachers will face the nightmare of being “named persons” under the Big Brother child supervision policy, for hundreds of children, they will soon also have to re-qualify with Master’s degrees.

I would advise anyone with small children to book them into schools in England. There will be no one left to run Scotland’s schools. Can Scotland really afford to vote for the SNP? They are a party with absolutely no insight.

Andrew HN Gray

Craiglea Drive