Wrong colour

As a fairly frequent contributor on a number of topics close to my heart, I smiled wryly at Fraser Gillespie’s justified impatience with some of your Letters correspondents who seem to consider themselves “experts on everything” (2 August).

I would defend myself, though, as I have written to you several times in the past complaining about the national football and rugby strips, so could hardly believe my eyes yesterday at your photographs of the “new” Scotland rugby strip. Yet again the SRU insults us by 
ignoring the true blue of Scotland – azure or sky blue (Pantone 300 as Parliament has confirmed) – and fielding the dark navy of the Union flag.

It may be “traditional” but it is wrong and, surely, a calculated political statement in the run-up to the referendum.

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To add insult to injury, they got the shade of blue right in the away strip recently, but that 
design – with its “baby’s bib” and wee Saltire on the bahookie – is simply inept.

What other nation would 
deliberately muck its national colours about in this way?

David Roche

Alder Grove