Wordy paradise

Your second leader (9 April) was headed “More bookshops”. The reference was to the Old Town of Edinburgh in particular, but the same could be said of the New Town.

This is an opportunity to remind those who love books that next month the largest charity book sale in the world will be held in and on the courtyard surrounding St Andrew’s and St George’s West Church in George Street.

This Christian Aid Book Sale has taken place there annually since 1974. Recently, a Scotsman journalist said this of the event: “If there is a larger or better book sale anywhere in the world I have yet to hear of it… an annual glimpse of paradise for bookworms”.

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From 9-15 May the church will overflow with books of all kinds. There will be the antiquarian, the rare, the out-of-print, the classics of world literature, together with the works of modern writers. Bibliophiles will be able to acquire books of lasting value knowing that the money they invest in these will go to help the poorest people in the world.


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