Wisdom of age

I am sure there are many older voters who spent their lives fighting for social justice and against inequality who simply did not believe a Yes vote was the answer and would in all likelihood lead to greater suffering for those already on the fringes of society.

And yet Lesley Riddoch (Perspective, 22 September) accused “older and more affluent voters” of having insufficient concern for the disadvantaged.

Does she really believe that she possesses a particular insight into voters’ motivation? Has she ever considered that the older voter is likely to be endowed with more wisdom than, say, a 16-year-old?

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I wholeheartedly agree with those who call for reconciliation. However, such rapprochement is impossible as long as Lesley Riddoch appears to continue to promote in her column resentment directed towards particular groups.

I suggest that she reflects on the extent to which such Yes tactics throughout the referendum campaign contributed, at least in part, to its defeat.

John Milne

Ardgowan Drive