Wind spend

Stuart Winter’s empty claims regarding wind industry jobs (Friends of The Scotsman, 3 July) have been exposed by wide-ranging media revelations 
citing the true situation: that every job in Britain’s wind farm industry is effectively subsidised to the tune of £100,000 per annum, and that Scotland’s 203 onshore wind farms employ just 2,235 people working directly on them.

The annual subsidy of £344 million bestows a staggering £154,000 per job.

That he still uses the tired and discredited myth of wind power providing “free” energy is spectacularly misleading.

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The annual cost of the renewables target is more than £9bn on top of the £16bn-plus spent thus far on investment in onshore and offshore electricity networks since 2010, which will continue to rise.

So claims that it would be “short-sighted, ill-considered and reckless not to continue supporting this industry” become groundless.

C Metcalfe