Wind folly

Stuart Winter of consultancy firm JLL thinks that the “decision on wind farm subsidies is short-sighted and reckless” (Platform, 3 July). Why does that not surprise me? Simply because the JLL website tells us that “the JLL Renewable Energy Capital team… can help you maximise the benefits and long-term value from renewable energy projects”.

Malcolm Parkin (Letters, 3 July) in response to Joss Blamire of Scottish Renewables in Friends of The Scotsman (1 July) asks: “Does Mr Blamire really think we are that stupid?” I ask Mr Winter exactly the same question.

I frankly place very little credibility on the relentless flow of propaganda from such vested business interests. Throughout my recent holiday in the Highlands and Islands I could not look upon wind farms as a cost-effective contribution to the serious problem of CO2 emissions because we have been given no reason to believe that they are.

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Instead I cannot see them as anything but machines for “enrich(ing) wealthy multinationals and landowners” (Lyndsey Ward, 3 July).

John Milne

Ardgowan Drive