Wind farm fears

As a proud resident of Crieff, I was delighted to see Jenny Aird’s charming image of the hauntingly beautiful view from our much- cherished Knock (Picture Gallery, 23 November).

It is indeed “as good a place as any to contemplate life, the universe and everything”, as your caption writer put it.

Hold this image in your mind, or in hard copy, for if a local estate gets its way these 
lovely hills will be despoiled by a 
nine-turbine wind farm in the near future.

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If the onward march of these vile desecrations of our unique little country continues, I fear the Gallery will become a redundant feature of the paper.

Ian Hamilton

Strathearn Court


So the Scottish Government 
has commissioned an investigation into how wind farm developers’ claims about noise and light pollution measure up to

Can we now look forward to similar investigations into statements about output made in planning documents – often outrageously excessive – and often major influences in approvals being given?

David Doohan

Forss Road