Wind farm blight

A company called Ecotricity (ecological electricity?) proposes a wind farm called California to be sited in Wigtown Bay with the objective of providing green energy.

It is an ecotrocity (ecological monstrosity). What is in fact being proposed is the industrialisation of an unspoiled area of natural beauty with the siting of seven 413ft tall industrial wind harvesting machines. These units generate three things: vast profit for the developer with no visual impact on the developer; a huge annual income for the landowner with no visual impact on the landowner; and only number 3 on the list, they generate a meagre output of electricity with an immense visual impact on Wigtown Bay. Whereas the first two stakeholders gain financially, the third stakeholder (the people of the Machars) lose in our visual amenity, being blighted by these eyesores, and income from tourism being vastly curtailed.

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Joe McKeown, Wigtown