Wind claims

Several articles in your paper claim that wind renewables had a “massive year” in 2014.

There was a claim that December 2014 was a record month for wind with output on the windiest day, 10 December, of 65,970 megawatt hours (MWhrs).

Scottish Renewables claims onshore capacity of 4,920 MW and offshore capacity of 190 MW, which gives 5,110 MW total capacity.

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On the windiest day, one would expect a generation 
figure close to maximum. With 5110 MW, the maximum is 5110 MW x 24 hrs = 122,640 MW/day. The actual figure of 65,970 MWhrs was 53.79 per cent of maximum. This is a disappointing figure for an energy source that should have been generating close to maximum output.

Another article quoting figures from WWF Scotland this month found that wind turbines generated 8,958,130 MWhrs of electricity to the national grid, or an average 746,510 MWhrs each month. This gives an hourly figure of 1037 MW.

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Scottish Renewables claims a total capacity figure of 5110 MW. This gives an actual capacity 
figure of 20.29 per cent.

Can a Scottish nation run on an energy source that is so low?

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