Wilson puzzle

Just how many “ambassadors” do we need to help boost Scotland’s trade prospects on the international stage?

The appointment of former trade and energy secretary Brian Wilson to such a position could be seen as bringing a great deal of experience to the role (your report, 1 September).

However, I find Scottish Secretary Michael Moore’s timing on the matter puzzling, if not provocative. It is one thing to confuse people overseas by sending the Scottish and British governments on different trade missions. It is another to have an arch critic of devolution and independence in one of these key functions.

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Could Mr Wilson and First Minister Alex Salmond credibly share a platform to promote the Scottish economy overseas? It would be ideal if they could bury any differences and put jobs, inward investment and prosperity first. In a pre-referendum atmosphere, however, this is unlikely to be a happy blend.

Mr Moore is on record as saying recently that the Holyrood and Westminster governments are close to agrement on the details of the independence referendum. This was an optimistic appraisal and Mr Wilson’s appointment has done nothing to promote the trust needed to move the issue forward.

Bob Taylor

Shiel Court
Glenrothes, Fife