Who’s anti-Anglo?

I agree with much of what Chris Levison says (Letters, 18 January). One would have to hope that many of us despair of a UK Government which is so cynical as to believe it is a vote catcher to attack the most vulnerable in our society by making further large cuts to the welfare budget.

However, let’s not kid ourselves: there are plenty of people here in Scotland with whom this tactic will play well.

Also, there are large numbers of us who deplore the excesses of some major corporations which somehow contrive to avoid shouldering their fair share of the tax burden.

In Scotland, most people would like us to be rid of Trident and there may well be a majority of people throughout the UK who question the wisdom of spending billions of pounds on a first-strike weapon of mass destruction we can never use.

What I do not get about Chris Levison’s letter is his reference to not being anti-English.


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It is a tactic of the unionists’ campaign to promote this myth, but the reality is that there can’t be many of us in the independence movement who do not have close English friends and family here, in the rest of the UK or throughout the globe.

As I mix with independence supporters, expressions of being anti the English as a people 
simply do not figure and they would receive short shrift if they did.

Also, I don’t see any evidence of such negative sentiments being expressed in the debate which has been conducted in the Letters pages of The Scotsman.

Douglas Turner


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