Who to believe?

The Dear Leader tells us not to worry – an independent Scotland will exist in harmonious monetary union with the rump of the UK.

The Chancellor says that won’t happen; so do the two chancellors-in-waiting from the other main Westminster parties. The defence secretary and Prime Minister explain that the rUK wouldn’t build its warships on the Clyde; the “Ayes” say that’s a bluff – they would.

The president of the European Union and other high-ranking EU officers say that Scotland’s acceptance into the EU would not be a shoo-in, the “Ayes” say they’re lying; it’s almost a done deal. Separatists say there would be no regulated land boundary between Scotland and England, whereas the Home Secretary, this weekend, says of course there will. This is not a debate. There is no middle ground here.

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Neither side is willing to trust the voters with demonstrable, provable facts – only competing woolly assertions. It is clear now that voters are going to be asked by both sides of the independence debate to vote on trust in September, rather than on genuine information and logic. It will come down, eventually, to who we can believe … and they’re all politicians, so that doesn’t help, does it?

David Fiddimore

Calton Road