Who does ‘NickiLeaks’ really benefit?

THE most interesting angle on the reporting of the leaked “Nickigate” memo was that it somehow revealed Sturgeon’s “secret” wish for a Tory government.

You would have to ask: “secret” to whom? Every sentient citizen in Scotland knows that the SNP wants the Conservatives to return to power so they can have someone to demonise and blame and find grievance with Westminster. And Cameron appears to want to boost the SNP to reduce the number of Labour MPs in Scotland so he has a better chance of re-election.

As for the leaked memo: it appears authentic enough. It is difficult to say for sure if it is a true record on the conversation between the FM and the ambassador, but it is interesting that the Scottish Government is not denying the bulk of the content, only the bit the FM disagrees with.

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As with a lot of these things, I don’t think the “truth” will ever be revealed to everyone’s satisfaction, but the underlying truth – that the SNP wants a Tory victory – is well enough established for it not to matter.


Phillips Avenue


SO NICOLA Sturgeon denies it; the French deny it. Where did the Telegraph get this story of preference for David Cameron?

They claim to have seen a memorandum drawn up by the Westminster Civil Service on Sturgeon’s meeting with the French ambassador.

Where are the investigative journalists? Oh! It is the Easter Weekend: many will be taking time off. How convenient. I smell a rat! This is the mischief of Westminster Civil Servants. This is not democracy: it’s misinformation designed to mislead.


Gylemuir Road


SO NICOLA Sturgeon is telling foreign leaders she would prefer to see the Tories in power. This has nothing to do with her view that Milliband is not PM “timber”, the SNP believe this gives them five more years to blame the Tories for all of Scotland’s perceived ills and advance the case of separation.


Willow Row


THERE wouldn’t be all this confusion if perhaps Nicola Sturgeon had started her conversation with the French Ambassador by saying “Listen very carefully I shall say this only once”.



Wester Ross