What next?

Katy Clark, who was one of the best Labour MPs defeated in the general election, got it right when she said: “We were defeated because we got into bed with the Tories during the Better Together campaign.”

Only by breaking their links with London and establishing an independent Scottish Labour Party which positions itself to the left of the SNP can Labour in Scotland rebuild. I am sceptical as to whether they have the courage to do so.

The SNP, on the back of their near clean sweep, are likely to win most constituency seats in the Scottish Parliament elections. This means they will get few seats on the proportionally elected lists. This raises questions about how people should use their second vote. Clearly Labour, the Tories and maybe even a few 
Liberals might win some seats given their lack of success in 
constituency elections.

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However, that could still leave a significant number of seats on the list to be won for the Left or the Right. The Greens will, I predict, win eight to ten seats with one from most regions and maybe two in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

However, that will leave a significant number of list seats that could be won from the Left, or even Ukip. The Left are attempting to organise themselves but again I am sceptical as to whether they can bury their history and their differences by next year.

This leaves a little room for one or two independents to be elected; with around 7 per cent of the vote needed in each region is there anyone there who would like follow the lead of Margo McDonald?

Hugh Kerr

Wharton Square