What are we like?

Your article on the German flag and tension with immigrants (2 July) seems strongly at odds with the Germany I visited last week during the World Cup celebrations.

I found Frankfurt enthusiastically decked out in the national colours with open air viewing being enjoyed by the masses in parks, squares and precincts, all set up for populist eating, drinking and the public support of Germany's participation - win or lose - in this international event.

One has to envy a team which enjoys such widespread and good natured support at home.

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In contrast, my arrival back home coincided with a huge military parade in Perth - yet another vainglorious display out of step with other nations.

We seem indifferent to our crippling and damaging military exploits which continue to blight our image abroad as well as our quality of life at home.

Thanks to our obsessive militarism our players walk on to the field as the team the world wants to lose.

Little wonder they find us hardly worthy of particular effort.


Glasgow Road


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