What about the powers we have?

I WAS dismayed at the lack of balance in your story “Salmond: ‘Labour will not agree more powers’”(News, 9 February) and leader.

There was no mention of the Scotland Act 2012 and the setting up of Revenue Scotland to administer the property and land taxes which will be devolved in April 2015. Also the devolving of the equivalent of 50 per cent of the current standard rate of tax to the Scottish Parliament in April 2016.

Both of these are a substantial transfer of authority to Scotland. Bear in mind the Scottish Government has made no use of the Scottish variable rate taxation powers to raise extra money.

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The debate as exemplified in your pages should not just be about what additional power (total in the SNP’s case) can be offered, but what has already been offered and accepted but not yet put to use.

George Horne, via email