We’re lost too

So, the cities of northern 
England want to be taken with us into an independent Scotland (your report, 15 May)? I strongly advise them “tae think again”.

On TV, Nicola Sturgeon is fond of talking up her concern for social justice. But what’s clear to many of us living in Scotland is that her obsession with independence means the vulnerable in society are increasingly neglected by the SNP.

The list of Scottish Government underachievement grows by the day.

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We’ve recently learnt that the failure to meet A&E waiting times throughout the winter persists and consistently fails to meet even the SNP’s reduced targets.

Literacy levels have dropped significantly in both primary and secondary schools between 2012 and 2014. And now it’s revealed that Scottish unemployment rates at 6 per cent continue to be stubbornly higher than the rest of the UK.

At the referendum the SNP told us Scotland was going to be a wealthy, independent nation in 2016.

With the reality check of crashing oil prices, Nicola Sturgeon now deems that the devolution of financial powers to Scotland should be delayed and will take “many years” to achieve.

How about a better alternative? Rather than the north of England joining us, we leave behind the Yes voting cities of Glasgow and Dundee and stick with the UK!

Martin Redfern

Royal Circus