Welfare needs

In A week when church leaders united to condemn the Westminster coalition government’s savage welfare reforms, was the announcement that the government-appointed contractor ATOS Health Care now wants to end its £500 million government contract an endorsement of the church leaders’ condemnation?

And how does this announcement impact on Scotland’s public services; services that have been exploited by ATOS which was unable to fulfil the remit of the Westminster government contract awarded to them for Scotland and subsequently sub-contracted the works to our local authorities.

Unfortunately the Scottish Government is unable to take control of this awful scenario affecting thousands in Scotland as there is no remit for welfare.

I trust the Welfare Committee at Holyrood will add its voice to those of the Church leaders in condemning the welfare reforms, but Scotland can also add its voice in September, if we take the opportunity to take control of the welfare needs of the Scottish nation and walk away from the shambolic mess that is welfare at Westminster.

catriona c clark


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