Weirs’ way

THAT Ian Lakin can claim to have read the letter from Chris and Colin Weir and the associated article in The Scotsman and then question why the First Minister should “write to congratulate someone who had arbitrarily picked some lucky numbers?” gives a fair indication of how some supporters of the Union are not prepared to let the truth get in the way of an insulting riposte (Letters, 9 May).

The letter from the Weirs and the article make it abundantly clear that the Weirs are long-standing supporters of the SNP and independence and were well-known to Alex Salmond. And if Mr Lakin had actually read the article how could he fail to notice that Mr Salmond and Mr Weir actually worked ­together on SNP broadcasts?

Of course, from my point of view I’m pleased that the Weirs chose to support the independence movement and I’m sure that had they chosen to support Better Together the silence from people like Ian Lakin would have been deafening.

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I also thought that letter from the Weirs was dignified and balanced and called for debate without rancour. However, when they read the condescending response from Mr Lakin, which fails to credit them with even the basic intelligence to make an informed choice on their own behalf, they must wonder why they bothered.

Douglas Turner

Derby Street