Weed out Flower

I AGREE with your correspondent’s complaints about the unsuitability of Flower of Scotland as our national anthem (Letters, 4 February).

It is ridiculous that we are still having such a debate.

I am an ardent supporter of independence and of the SNP, but am mortified that the latter – in government – has not taken the lead in consigning Flower of Scotland to the pub from whence it came (and is fine in that context).

It lacks so much – tempo, gravitas (“wee bit hill and glen”?) and ability to inspire when played by lone fiddle, brass or pipe band.

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It is possible the SNP felt it has enough controversy on its plate, and avoided the idea of seeking the people’s choice in the matter until after independence.

I look forward to the day when a serious effort is made to choose a magnificent anthem.

Scots Wha Hae, with jauntier tempo, is a match for the Marseillaise, for example.

Those who are excessively sensitive about references to battles against historical overlords should consider that many countries are proud to commemorate their struggle for freedom in their anthem (the logical place for such sentiments), but if they are still determined to sniff out chauvinism, they will find plenty of that over the Border, where “rebellious Scots to crush”, or disdain at any rate, sits comfortably in many a saloon bar and editorial office.

David Roche

Alder Grove


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