Wealth of queries

SOCIAL inequality is on the agenda again but Joyce McMillan’s call for redistribution of wealth and opportunity (Perspective, 15 November) takes us into dangerous waters.

Theoretically, inequality in Scotland could be reduced by persuading the top earners to live elsewhere, for example by high taxation, but would this really help those in the bottom income bracket?

In the same way, children from state schools could be given preferential treatment when doling out university places, as has been suggested by some, but would this be fair, or indeed beneficial, to Scotland’s people?

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As the offspring of an uneducated shepherd, perhaps I would get the support of Joyce ­McMillan regarding distribution of wealth and opportunities but should my children be penalised because they have a professional, higher earning mother?

Had the prize of financial ­reward not been there, I doubt I would have been prepared to put in the years of graft to achieve a doctorate and build up a business.

Rather than take the backward step of redistribution, the Scottish Government should consider why 27 per cent of young people leave school with no qualifications as this is what really prevents them accessing university or higher paid work.

(Dr) Carrie Ruxton

East Road

Cupar, Fife