We need ‘red tape’

“Red tape blocking a better NHS say doctors,” your front page tells us (24 June). Isn’t that what the Tories, bankers and lobbyists successfully argued about banking and investment in the 1990s and 2000s – and, as a result, led us by our noses into the banking crisis?

Beware someone asking for deregulation – there’s always an interest vesting away in the background.

After all, it is only the press identifying breaches of the same “red tape” that unmasked the horror stories that were the Care Quality Commission, 
Staffordshire Hospital Trust and the venal “cash for questions” system operated by some MPs and Lords.

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Regulations are often created to protect the vulnerable from the powerful, and the poor from the rich.

That protection must remain in place; it’s all they have.

David Fiddimore