We need Liberals

The possible loss of some Liberal Democrat seats in Scotland is a devastating thought for me and I am sure for many others with liberal ideals.

Many years ago I heard Jo Grimond passionately expounding his belief in liberal ideas, such as individual rights and freedoms, and defending vulnerable citizens from the power of the state.

This is still as relevant today as it was then. Intriguingly, before we had joined the Common Market as it was then, he was outlining the benefits of co-operation in Europe.

At the same time I was developing an interest in mental health and was struck by how many people were denied their rights and freedom because of stigma and lack of resources.

It seemed to me the best way to fight this was to join and support the Liberal Party and subsequently the Liberal Democrats.

This takes us right up to date with the commitment by the Liberal Democrats in this election to ensure that mental health is properly funded and put on an equal footing with physical health.

Of course this is only one example of creating a fairer and more caring society together with being more outgoing and less insular.

The SNP have laid much emphasis on a fairer society but where is the evidence? They have consistently transferred power to the centre and threatened individual freedoms.

(Dr) C M Corser

Retired consultant 

Friars Way