Waverley missteps

Many people have in the past chosen to use Edinburgh’s Waverley Station because of the ease with which you could move to a taxi after a train journey.

For some people this is a necessity. For anyone with walking difficulties – and there are very many of those – or for people with heavy luggage, taxis should be easily available.

Now, you have to go to Market Street, but the road is narrow and congested.

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Yes, there are escalators but they stop short of the exits and staircases have to be mounted 
before you reach the street. If you use the lifts after the escalator you arrive on Princes Street which is usually mobbed and only easily accessed for able-bodied people.

Who is served by changing what was always a part of Waverley? I think I will be using Haymarket from now on.

Helen Campbell 

West Albert Road