Water torture

Water, water everywhere, yet in the flooded parts of what was England’s green and pleasant land you cannot drink any of it or live in its contaminated areas (your reports).

“Welly” brigade visits by the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Secretary, the chairman of the Environment Agency and the Prime Minister all promised financial relief for the for the future, which amounted to a few million pounds.

There were then cries from affected citizens about the comparison between that and the billions of pounds spent on overseas aid. Communities and Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles then tried to satisfy both sides of the argument. His conjuring trick suggested the billions being spent by the UK on foreign aid would eventually lead to “sustainable” worldwide climate change developments that would in turn alleviate the extremes of weather in the UK.

Dredging river beds is not a one-off event, but a continuing process. Get some Dutch engineers to explain to our numbskulls exactly what needs to be done!

Ronald Rankin