Warming pause

Professor Tony Trewavas (Letters, 5 August) claims that there has been no explanation for the periods of stasis in global warming.

My understanding is that, during the 1940s and ’50s, warming ceased or slowed because sulphur dioxide emissions from burning coal had a shading effect (warming resumed when controls on these emissions were introduced).

I also understand that the more recent hiatus in warming is due to the oceans absorbing the extra heat. I don’t know whether or not computer climate models take these factors into account.

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However, it seems fairly certain that the oceans will not absorb heat indefinitely and that the atmosphere will eventually catch up, leading to higher global temperatures.

I am with Prof Trewavas on the folly of wind farms (all renew­ables in fact); we have to wean ourselves off burning fossil fuels and burn uranium instead.

Steuart Campbell