Waiting lists

I find the reaction of the SNP to the current issue of “hidden waiting lists” (your report, 18 
January) most amusing.

The SNP claims it abolished these years ago and it is incorrect to suggest long delays for certain treatments can be claimed as 
evidence of such lists as there are no waiting list guidelines for the examples quoted and thus 
they cannot be claimed to be loopholes.

Once again, the SNP is utilising obfuscation or downright lies to protect its precarious position on an issue that might prove ­difficult to defend.

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In the words of Michael Russell prior to the SNP being caught red-handed trying to lie about college funding, it is again trying to imply this is a “very silly” accusation.

The related point I have is that once again when there is a potentially embarrassing or difficult issue no SNP minister is prepared to be interviewed on the subject (despite the BBC requesting one), but it resorts instead to an anodyne written statement from an “SNP spokesman”.

This to my mind proves it knows it is on a sticky wicket and by refusing to have anyone appear in person it is trying to downplay the impact.

Raymond Paul