Vow must be kept

John Elliot (Letters, 23 September) tells us “the vast majority of people voted No”. Although the result was clear, it should not be exaggerated. If a room of 20 people divided 11 to nine on an issue, that would rightly be seen as fairly close. Yet that was, in ­effect, the result across Scotland.

We cannot know how many, if any, of that hypothetical 11 voted No on the basis of the UK party leaders’ “vow”. That is fruitless speculation.

But clearly it is essential that the vow is now delivered in full and promptly. There may well be good arguments for constitutional reform for England – I ­believe there are – and indeed for the UK as a whole.

But they were not mentioned in the vow, and its implementation should not be made hostage in any way to progress on those other issues.

Adam Rennie

Grange Terrace