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With the general election fast approaching we voters should think long and hard before casting our votes. The newspapers are full of conflicting claims, and counter-arguments from all the political parties. Let us not be too hasty in voting for change.

The UK economy is in very good shape under the present administration compared with most competing economies in the EU and in other parts of the world.

Do we really believe that the Labour Party would be in a position to maintain the momentum, especially if it was forced into forming a coalition with the SNP to form a government?

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We are all aware that Alex Salmond resigned as SNP leader in a fit of pique. I just hope that the voters of Gordon in Aberdeenshire think very deeply indeed about the consequences of casting their votes in Salmond’s favour.

They should give some thought to his claims before the Scottish referendum about “Scotland’s oil, Scotland’s gas and Scotland’s self-sufficiency in power supply through the usage of wind turbines” – emphatically just a load of wind.

He decried Sir Ian Wood for daring to suggest caution over future oil incomes, but who turned out to be correct at the end of the day?

I sincerely hope that common sense will prevail and that the electorate will decide in favour of the status quo; leaving all the speculation created by those with other agendas well buried.

Robert I G Scott