Voting for change

How does one explain a government that is about to cap benefits payments, perhaps is budgeting another raid on pensions and benefits, but at the same time fights the European Union tooth and nail in order to prevent a cap on bankers’ bonuses?

How does one explain a government presiding over the steepest reduction in home ownership levels, and the steepest rises in rents for private rented accommodation in living memory? How does one explain a government that dismantles the processes that monitored the standards of our food, and then blames anyone except itself for the subsequent crash in food standards?

I am ashamed that we still tolerate the recurring pestilence of 19th century Conservatism which blights our politics. Is there no way to rid ourselves of it forever? A certain plebiscite in 2014 does spring to mind.

David Fiddimore

Nether Craigwell

Calton Road, Edinburgh