Vote will anger

Neil Sinclair (Letters, 9 April) raises some very pertinent points about how he expects the 
independence debate to become uglier as 18 September draws nearer. He states that: “In an ideal world I would quit Scotland until 19 September and the deed is done.”

Personally, I have a somewhat bleaker view than that. I have real concerns about the fall-out from the result of the referendum.

Such has been the emotional intensity and the degree of hyperbole during the build-up to the referendum that I very much doubt that there will be a collective shaking of hands or polite congratulatory sentiments expressed between the winners and the losers, if that is not too glib a term to use.

Sour grapes and bitterness – if not worse – will, I fear, be the order of the day.

George Wilson

Easter Drylaw Avenue