Victims’ rights

I have just read the story about the retired Inverness police officer Fred Crayk, who sprayed disinfectant on the intruder who entered his home and chased him off with his walking stick.

I applaud Fred’s actions 101 per cent. However, in this barmy, namby-pamby country we live in I am sure we will see the follow-up to his reaction in defending himself and his property.

We are very likely to see future headlines that read: “Intruder awarded Legal Aid to bring charges against pensioner who sprayed him with bleach” or “Intruder sues for large compensation claim against pensioner who threatened him with a walking stick”.

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And we are likely to see a seedy human rights solicitor make a bundle from the situation asking the courts to consider a pensioner’s walking stick and a bottle of Dettol as offensive weapons.

To those who read this and say: “No way, that will never be allowed to happen,” l say: “Watch this space.”