Victim thinking

Jacqui Low’s comments on International Women’s Day (Perspective, 6 March) were not only deeply patronising to women but highly inaccurate.

She firstly comments that the Tsar abdicated on the 12 March, 1917. In fact he stepped down on that day, but did not abdicate until 15 March.

As a professional woman her later comments I find wholly embarrassing. While Ms Low may feel that little has changed since 1917, talking of being “segregated into ghettoes” and “domestic abuse being seen as acceptable”, this is clearly not the case.

In which world is Ms Low living that she thinks domestic abuse is acceptable? Her arguments are pitiful and deeply patronising, a “woe is me” attitude promoted by some women who have underachieved largely through a lack of talent, than through their gender.

Individuals should be judged on their merits, not their gender, but let us not exaggerate the barriers Ms Low mistakenly perceives are in place.


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Alison Linton

Craiglockhart Drive