‘Victim’ delusion

Lovina Roe (Letters, 20 March) gave us a good insight into her Nationalist psyche, one that is shared by many SNP supporters.

Ms Roe feels no “gratitude for all England has done for us”, but we all owe a debt of gratitude and loyalty to the UK state that has provided so much for us, and continues to do so.

The UK is a community of mutual support in which the Welsh are happy to share financial risks and responsibilities, both personal and collective, with the Scots. The UK is a union in which the English are willing to make sacrifices to defend the liberty of Scotland with the same vigour with which they would defend London. Nationalists excepted, Scots are also willing play their part in this community, as citizens equal to those anywhere in the UK.

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Ms Roe’s reference to the English as “our betters” is a classic case of active victimhood, conjuring a sense of oppression and where none exists. If she wishes to feel inferior to the English, that’s her business, but she shouldn’t urge others to share her delusion of subjection.