Value of science

I despair of my fellow clerics when it comes to medico-scientific topics – you just knew they would support an absurdity like global warming and oppose mitochondrial DNA donation.

They cling to the infamous “precautionary principle” and demand overweening proof but not once have they invited leading scientists in the field to explain the issues to them.

The process is a microscopic transplant that prevents horrible diseases recurring in future generations and it is barely more relevant to your personality than the bacteria in your gut.

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Yet mantras about slippery slopes and thin ends of wedges appear as they did when heart transplants, in vitro fertilisation and pre-implantation genetic diagnosis were first mooted.

Clerics are now to medico-
science what the teacher unions are to children’s education: if they are against some innovation we may rest assured that it is almost certainly a good idea.

(Rev Dr) John 

Howard Place

St Andrews