Valid ambitions

It has been more than a little amusing to watch the hysterical ravings of sections of the metropolitan media, as well as unionist politicians, at the “threat” posed by the SNP “daring” to have some influence in a future UK Government.

Cartoons and articles which are not just anti-SNP, but indeed anti-Scottish, are now commonplace, coining a new word “Jockophobia”. Woe betide the word “Scot” was changed to “Pakistani” or “Irish”; one can just imagine the furore.

As far as I am aware, the SNP is a properly constituted political party and, in sending MPs to Westminster, has as much a right to play a part in any future government as the unionist 
parties. Indeed, did these parties not fight, and succeed, in retaining Scotland as part of the UK?

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Were we not, as they said, “Better Together”? What was, however, anticipated by unionists post-referendum was that Scotland would be put “back in the box”.

However, the political re-awakening that has arisen since September 2014 means that Scotland will never be the same again and Westminster better get used to it.

Alex Orr

Leamington Terrace


Is it not rather strange that after 300 years of the Westminster Parliament bestowing on us “gifts” such as Trident, the poll tax, the bedroom tax and illegal wars (all of which were against the wishes of the people of Scotland), suddenly there is such outrage at the idea that we, the Scots, equal members we were told of “this family of nations”, might have the power, (and the 
temerity), to exert a modicum of influence in the corridors of British power?

Should we hang our heads in shame?

Joseph G Miller

Gardeners Street