US defence policy

sadly, but cleverly, Barry Tighe (Letters, 10 August) finds the US Republican presidential contest “the funniest show in town”.

However, as the UK is America’s closest ally in Nato the “funniest show” is deadly serious.

It is a pity none of the ten candidates on show openly acknowledged Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

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What are the candidates’ attitudes about using nuclear weapons, particularly bearing in mind the United States’s
considerable leverage in Europe because of its nuclear role in Nato?

Take, for example, the military confrontation between the Ukraine and Russia, which seems to be intensifying.

What are the candidates’ views on the “deal” with Iran given the considerable Republican opposition?

Perhaps because foreign 
affairs are so interdependent 
between nations, US foreign policy is vital for Europe.

Hence the exigent issue of Trident can’t in reality be divorced from UK membership of Nato.

Arguably, it is imperative for all presidential candidates to be open and transparent on nuclear policy.

Ellis Thorpe

Old Chapel Walk