United we are a formidable force

THOSE of us who paid attention at school can be in no doubt why there remains, in Scotland, a powerful anti-­English bias but, in a world where the most urgent need is for the creation of a global family of mankind, why would anyone wish to take a country such as Britain, which would fit easily into some American states, and chop it into smaller pieces unless the reasons are based on outmoded and ­immature tribalism?

Alex Salmond faces an opportunity to further his own political ends in a similar way that MPs representing inner city areas once realised they could advance their careers by waving the race card. The sad thing is that many who should know better are taken in.

Scotland, please stay with us. When the chips are down, Irish, Welsh, Scottish and English close ranks and pull together because, when we do work together, we are a formidable force.

John Morton, Dudley