Unionist drift

No wonder Alex Salmond wants devo-max to be included in the referendum (your report, 29 February) as this will not only save his face if the vote on independence is No, but will also take him almost all the way to independence.

The sad thing is that many supposedly pro-Unionist leaders also want devo-max. David Cameron has even offered devo-max as a thank you for a No vote, showing his usual, awful sense of judgment.

It begins to look to me, a staunch Unionist and still officially a Tory Party member, that neither side has the courage of its convictions nor the ability to argue its case convincingly.

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The country is not being led, it is drifting, and by “country” I mean both Scotland and the wider United Kingdom.

David Wragg


South Queensferry

The Irish people are fortunate to live in a democracy where their prime minister allows them a referendum on the new eurozone treaty, irrespective of what the outcome will be.

In the UK successive prime ministers have strung the public along with vague promises of a referendum on Europe which have come to nothing

David Cameron’s recent “veto” stance appears to have been a blip and the wobbling on reforming the Human Rights Act seems to be in keeping with a policy of appeasement towards the EU hierarchy. It’s little wonder that Labour appears to be gaining support.

Bob MacDougall



Independence – yes or no – not confusing enough. Let’s throw in devo-max – still not confusing enough for the punters.

Let’s throw in devo-plus. Getting there, but where does that leave those opting for the status quo? And what about the sensible 25.7 per cent of voters who voted No in 1997? They can’t all be dead or certified insane.

So let’s have a devo-minus as well. Any more options? Let’s have the lot!

Kenneth Cowe

Cromar Drive