Union troubles

Surely independence for Scotland would eliminate many of the problems and liabilities that appear to be plaguing David Cameron and his roughly assembled flatpack administration.

For a start, there would be an instant solution to English votes for English laws if Northern Irish and Welsh MPs are discounted, which is routine anyway, one would think. Maybe a referendum for them might amend such discounting?

Then there’s the cost to Westminster of keeping Scotland in the Union, indeed of keeping Scotland, as we are regularly told is the case. (It seems we are maintained like a “kept woman”, house servant or suchlike.)

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There’s the Europe quandary too, which could be concentrated on without the bother of a divergent opinion from Scotland and, therefore, offering a clear chance to fell Ukip.

The temptations must be ­immense.

Then there’s all the trouble with oil and nuclear submarines and political parties with headquarters in London and nuisance branch offices in Scotland.

There’s also Ministry of Defence difficulties in the distribution of bases for tactical military purposes and for providing ­badly needed jobs in the provinces beyond the more populous metropolitan parts of the UK.

On balance, one would think that independence for Scotland would be a helpful solution.

Perhaps such realisations require cool thinking. However, all that din in the House of Commons whenever proceedings there are televised live doesn’t suggest an appropriate environment for cool thinking.

Ian Johnstone

Forman Drive