Union saviours

William W Scott (Letters, 14 April) says that in the current election your votes will be about saving the Union”.

I don’t think so. The new Commons will be dominated by unionist parties who will not countenance any loosening of the Union – not even full fiscal autonomy.

One might say that the wishes of the SNP, like the manifestos of the other minor parties, are 
irrelevant, as, however many seats they might win, they 
have no chance of being implemented unless they chime in with those of either of the main parties.

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Could it be that the notion of Conservative supporters holding their noses and voting Labour to block the SNP is just a desperate ploy by Scottish Labour to get some support from terrified Tories?

I would have thought it made more sense for them, in appropriate constituencies, to vote SNP to keep out Labour.

Then again, in other constituencies Labour and Conservative supporters could join in voting Lib Dem in order to do down the SNP – and each other.

What larks!

Of course all these shenanigans could be avoided if we 
had an electoral system which related the number of MPs each party obtained to the number of votes it received nationwide, but neither of the main parties wants that.

S Beck

Craigleith Drive