Unhelpful banks

Returning to Canada this week after a family visit to 
Scotland, I was not surprised by the headline about the banks and the letter from Thomas 
Burgess (7 February).

While in Scotland, I tried to open a bank account with three of the major banks but was turned down on each occasion, without any real attempt by them to understand my needs (ie the needs of the customer).

It appears that the rejection comes from current regulations which consider the likes of ­myself to be a potential money-launderer.

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Another rejection came the next day when I visited an RBS branch to convert £10 and £20 bills into £100 bills, but was advised they could not do this since I did not have a bank ­account. Again, the principal concern appeared to be potential money-laundering.

I visit Scotland regularly, however the banks may rest assured that on future visits I will no longer waste their time trying to do any sort of business with them.

Graeme Lamb

Fonthill, Ontario


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